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The Issues / What I stand For!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Recently, I had an individual reach out to me and ask me to consider running for the Iowa House of Representatives District 54 Seat. After praying for guidance and asking for the Lord's direction, I decided to answer the call to fight against the continual loss of our freedoms through government overreach.

Our nation should be a place where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is afforded to all citizens. Government should be here to establish a safe place in which people can pursue these values by providing a strong military, a functioning rule of law to protect citizens in everyday life, and by allowing the people’s voices to be heard and represented. I take a further stance that we need moral absolutes to define our unalienable rights.

I stand firm that God already delivered those moral absolutes in His Word. My goal will always be to look at legislating through the lens of God’s Word while respecting all people to have a place to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I will uphold the United States Constitution and the Iowa State Constitution and work to observe our state motto, “Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain”

What I will stand for…

The right to freedom of religion. We don’t all have to agree on each other’s beliefs in the United States, but we do need to respect the right of each other to believe the way they want. I stand for the principles in the Bible, as I believe it is the anointed Word of God. I believe God created man and woman- two genders and you are born as either a male or a female, and no matter what one does, no one can change that. I believe the definition of marriage is defined by God and is a sacred union between a man and a woman.

The right to life for all who are conceived from the point of conception. While a forming human being is a fetus by definition, he or she is a creation of God from the initial point of conception. If a fetus is nonviable and the mother’s life is in danger, a medical emergency should be declared, and the doctor should save the mother’s life.

The right to free speech. Some news medias and Big Tech oligarchs are working to radically censor conservative speech and Christian values. All people, conservative/liberals, should have the right to freedom of speech. As someone has said before, “Censorship is the tool of tyrants, it always leads to oppression and loss of freedom for the populations.” 1 Today’s 90% of main stream media is owned by six companies, (ATT (bought Time Warner), CBS, Comcast, Disney, News Corp (the parent company of Fox News, and Viacom) and they distribute their agenda across all spectrums. These entities must be broken up, they have grown too large and too powerful and control the message and their propaganda is spread far and wide. They are no longer a free abiters of truth, a neutral unbiased media, and must be held accountable for the misinformation and disinformation they spread. The American people rely on a the free press to hold our leaders to accountable and investigate abuses in an unbiased manner and report same.

The right to own property without the government regulating every aspect of our life. If you own it, paid for it, then no one should be able to take it away for their agendas against your will. Eminent domain should only be used for a public project when there are no other solutions available and after all public hearings and landowner concerns are addressed. The threat of eminent domain must be duly addressed and removed before any negotiation process goes forward. The landowners wishes should always be observed and the Iowa code must be amended to make threats or harassment against landowners illegal. All negation to acquire property/easements should be in good faith.

The right to pursue a manner in which to provide for one’s family without the government's tyrannical overreach of our medical freedoms. I can agree that a company may need an individual to have a physical prior to a job requiring a certain level of physical fitness; however, no one should ever be forced to undergo an injection or any OTHER medical procedure in order to obtain or keep a job. Each person has an unalienable right to liberty and that includes decisions concerning their own health and the health choices of their children. The tyranny movement that we have seen the last two years should never happen again. Parents must have the ultimate word in the decision of the child. No one should be able to mandate any experiment medical procedures/injection or any medical procedure for children without the expressed consent of the parents.

The right to bear arms. I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. Firearms don’t kill people; people kill people using all types of weapons. Infringements on the second amendment restrict law abiding citizens from the ability to protect themselves and their families. Criminals will always find ways to obtain a weapon. Our government whether local, state or federal must not have the ability to impose and infringements on our God given rights to protect our family and/or property that the Lord has so blessed us with. We, as the people of this great Republic, must have the ability to have the full weight of the 2nd Amendment with us no matter where in the Republic we chose to travel to. We must seek to have a national right to carry for all law abiding citizens with no prior felonies, without having to jump through hoops to obtain a permit. We must seek to abolish any red flag laws that are imposed on citizens. The laws have no due process for the citizens to redeem themselves to reinstate their God given Liberties.

The right to protest legally. If people want to protest legally, they have a right to protest, peacefully. When protestors destroy property, loot, and hurt others in the name, it’s no longer a protest and the perpetrators must be criminally charged for their crimes. Justice should swift and should be equal for All. The two tier justice system must end.

Government needs to be more fiscally responsible. Iowa has been doing a good job! We need to continue to keep a balanced budget and cut government spending in order to give people more of their earned money back. All pork spending should end. I stand for greater local government and financial control. Taxes should go straight to the municipalities/counties instead of being funneled to the state.

The right to protect the innocence of our children. We have many great educators in our public school system. I do not believe educators should be allowed to push agendas not approved by the parents. Pornography is being introduced and distributed online and in schools via tech, books, print, etc. as a property of free speech; I am vehemently opposed to this. Recently, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in favor of transgender rights allowing them to use the bathrooms of the sex the individuals identify with. Our children will not be protected until legislators address and remove gender identity from the civil code and protect traditional family values.

I believe our rich American history should be taught at public schools. All public education of our children should be pro-patriotic. If you don’t want your children to say the Pledge of Allegiance, learn about our founding fathers and the history of our great nation, the good and bad of our nation, then I believe you have the right to another option of school choice. I believe that we should be NOT be indoctrinating our children with Critical Race Theory, or LGBTQ theology. Again, I respect one's rights to believe the way they want, but it is not okay to indoctrinate the children in the school setting. Children should learn reading, writing, arithmetic, history, science and the arts in school. Sexual orientation education should be reserved for parents. I do, however, believe that it is important for students to be offered education on how their bodies are changing prior to puberty. The curriculum should NOT have an agenda that are morally incorrect with traditional Judeo Christian principles and must be sent to parents prior and parents must be given an opportunity to have their children opt out. I completely reject the curriculum that Planned Parenthood is pushing to implement in schools. It is becoming increasingly harder for teachers, as special interests groups are pushing different agendas and social stances in the classroom. Children are coming from diverse family make-ups, and children should not be condemned, excluded, or made to feel their family is unacceptable under any circumstance. I will restate, the schoolhouse is no place to indoctrinate children with twisted ideologies and sexuality confuse the young minds with the LGBTQ ideology.


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