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What troubles you?

Iowans, Do you feel our country slipping away? What troubles you? The moves of this administration since Jan 20, 2021 have been utterly incomprehensible. What possibly can be the final goal? The border is wide open. Drugs and hundreds of thousands of people are coming across every month. How can that be good for Americans?

This is a state issue. Every state is a border state and it’s time to address this madness. We can't hold on to out national sovereignty with open borders. Iowa is very much effected by the lawlessness at the border, while many have died from drug overdose throughout the country and our state.

This is one of the many issues that troubles Iowan’s. As I meet and talk to people, many feel we have drifted to far to the left. Help stop the trend.

Primary is June 7th. House District 54, Hardin, Grundy and west Blackhawk Counties.

I need your vote. Nazario for Iowa

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