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Vote for Nazario for Iowa, Vote for FREEDOM!

Absentee Voting starts today!

A Vote for Nazario is a vote for Freedom.

I will fight for the things we value, protecting our Iowa Legacy - the family farm,

fight against EPA, DNR overreach into our family farms,

fight against the manipulation of price control that effect the small food producers (cattle, hogs, chickens, turkey etc),

protect small business against forced closure,

protecting our children and grandchildren,

protecting against government overreach and forced vaccination,

fight against vaccine passports,

protecting life in the womb,

fight for lowering the cost of medical insurance, property tax,

fight for our 2A and true castle laws and stand your ground laws protecting life and property,

fight against red flag laws,

fight against censoring by big tech and MSM,

fight the propaganda being push by the MSM. etc,

fight the folks that want to destroy our Great Republic.

I will hold myself accountable to you, the conservatives of our district.

Vote for Nazario for Iowa, vote for FREEDOM!

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