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These are the Warriors we Want!

Running for Office is not an easy task. There are many communities to visit and many folks to meet.

To those that have spoken their concern, those issues will be addressed. As a recent retiree, I understand that inflation and the cost of fuel has a profound effect on our budgets. Our food bill is exploding, meat is so expensive. Moms can’t find formula.

Medical cost and prescription drugs are a concern to many. Affordable Care Act is not living up to the hype. The premiums and deductibles are not even close to affordable.

Property Tax continue to go up and the tax implications are burdensome. Our farm operations are effected by the cost of feed and the explosive cost of fertilizer and diesel.

We need relief and many of our current legislators are not representing us well.

Time for change!

Look to those endorsed by Patriot groups.

We must fight the political establishment and bring back folks that will work hard and Represent the People with strong conservative values.

These are the Patriots. Follow and support them. Pray for their campaigns. Pray for their families.

Many are just regular folks fighting against the current trends. They will stand with Parents and for Family Values. Fight to protect Life.

All will stand against Medical Tyranny!

United States Senate: Jim Carlin House District 5: Zach Dieken Senate District 7: Kevin Alons House District 15: Rebecca Wilkerson Senate District 16: Shad Clayton House District 17: Paul Dykstra House District 32: Mark Brown House District 43: Eddie Andrews House District 54: Robert Nazario House District 56: Mark Thompson* House District 59: Doug Campbell House District 60: Deb Hild House District 81: Luana Stoltenberg House District 87: Jeff Shipley House District 88: Helena Hayes House District 91: Brad Sherman House District 96: Mark A. Cisneros

God Bless Iowa

Primary - June 7th. Vote for Freedom

*I added Mark Thompson. Mark is a Patriot, Marine and Fighter!

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