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It's Time to Reveal our true colors!

This next primary is very important to the citizens of House District 54 and to the citizens of Iowa. I am seeking a debate with my opponent, Officer Meggers.

As of now, the Grundy County Republicans are holding a townhall on May 14, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. It will be moderated by Grundy County Republicans. It will consist of opening statements, Q & A’s (alternating the same questions to each opponent) and closing statements.

In May, the Hardin County Republicans will hold a similar event, (Date, Site and details to follow).

I would like to see the Hardin County event changed to a formal debate. Iowa issues are on the line. Issues that went unresolved this year in the general assembly such as: A Medical Privacy and Freedom Bill, School Choice Bill, Eminent Domain/Property Rights Bill as it relates to the proposed Carbon Pipeline and Iowa needs a Parental Rights and Education Bill (like Florida's bill)

Iowans need to know how WE stand! Our True Colors. Folks are tired of political pandering; we just want results and accurate representation in our State House.

Please reach out to Officer Meggers and let's make this debate happen.

We must hold ourselves accountable to the great people of Iowa.

God Bless Iowa.


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