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It's by design, not incompetence.... Thank you Steve!

Steve Gus Yesterday at 9:16 AM ·

It's not an accident, the LGB admin is not incompetent- the GOAL is to change America, permanently. No more Constitution. New Central Bank Digital Currency to control our lives. It's not a conspiracy- the blueprint has been written about. We are meant to be controlled, on a global level. The stakes are high- this is why we are seeing attacks on our individual freedoms across every front, skyrocketing gas prices, an invasion at the border, a failing fiat currency, supply chain issues, attacks on the family and our children, a fake war in Ukraine, 100% misinformation across all types of media from our government and press, false flags against patriots (Jan6), political prisoners in America, food shortages, and an election system results run by criminal cartels... and both parties are loath to do anything at all about it. This is called the Great Reset- the end game is complete global socialist control- you will own nothing and be happy. A couple things to keep in mind: Jesus is Still Lord There is an alternate plan run by patriots The stakes are high

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