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Grundy Register Article

Robert Nazario tells the crowd, “one’s principles should never be compromised”, and he pledges to, “never water down our conservative message” if he was elected to State House. (Nick Baur photos)

By: Nick Baur

The Grundy Register

GRUNDY CENTER – In the back room of Natural Grind in Grundy Center, community members from around the area packed into the space to hear from Robert Nazario and Josh Meggers, the two Republican candidates running for Iowa State House District 54 in the primary election scheduled for June 7.

The pair took turns answering questions from the audience on issues such as the proposed school voucher program backed by Governor Reynolds, second amendment rights, energy policy, and the recent Supreme Court leak indicating the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade. Both candidates announced they did not agree with the school voucher program as written. Though he said the door was not completely closed on the bill for him, Meggers lamented the lack of eligibility for the program.

“Why are we wanting to spend 50 million dollars for 3.3% of the school districts to benefit when Grundy County, Hardin County, all of rural Iowa will not benefit from this voucher program,” Meggers said. “I just want it to be fair.”

“That bill is flawed to begin with,” Nazario added. “School choice, the way it’s written, is flawed… In this district, if a kid is going to Timothy, those public funds should be following that kid whether the numbers agree with the system or not. We have to protect the children from all radical left-wing mentality.”

As the event came to a close, the candidates each made quick remarks on access to abortions in Iowa.

“Iowa is currently already leading the nation in banning abortions,” Meggers said. “With Roe v. Wade, if and when overturned, I can see Iowa being a leader in the nation in banning abortions.” “It’s not a woman’s health issue. It's not my life, my choice. It's a life within and that life has all the rights that you should have as a human,” Nazario said. “We have to be ready to move.”

Due to the lack of a Democratic candidate running for the district seat, the winner of the June 7 Republican primary will most likely run unopposed in the November midterm election.

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