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From My Cold Dead Hands!

Candidate for House District 54 Hardin, Grundy and west Blackhawk County Primary June 7. I need your Vote!

Fight for the right to Keep and Bear Arms. I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. Firearms don’t kill people; people kill people using all types of weapons. Infringements on the second amendment restrict law abiding citizens from the ability to protect themselves and their families. Criminals will always find ways to obtain a weapon. Our government whether local, state or federal must not have the ability to impose any infringements on our God given right to protect our family and/or property. We, as the people of this great Republic, must have the ability to have the full weight of the 2nd Amendment with us no matter where in the Republic we chose to travel to. We must seek to have a national right to carry for all law abiding citizens with no prior felonies, without having to jump through hoops to obtain a permit. We must seek to abolish any Red Flag laws that are imposed on our citizens. These laws have no mechanism for due process to redeem oneself and regain their God given Liberties.

We must also enact true castle/stand your ground laws like Texas and Florida where we can protect property. With the crazy riots that occurred, many folks lost a lot of property, buildings and merchandise, folk should have had the full weight of the law on their side. Lethal force must be defined to protect life and property. The left isn’t finish with their riots and we, the citizens must protect our families and our homes/shed and property.

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