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From GOP State Convention

2022 Proposed Iowa Republican Platform PREAMBLE As Republicans, we uphold the principles of individual responsi- bility and liberty, adherence to tra- ditional moral standards, a strong national defense, a free enterprise system, equal rights for all, respect for the sanctity of human life, and freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof. We believe in re- taining the original intent of our Constitution. We believe high moral character is a necessity for public servants. The highest standard of character should be embodied in both private and public life. We encourage the proliferation of these principles and their passage to fu- ture generations.

PLATFORM PRINCIPLES The following are the funda- mental principles that make up the platform of the Republican Party of Iowa. I. Our nation is a Constitutional Republic whose Foundation is the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We acknowledge our rights de- rive from God, our Creator, and are therefore unalienable and include Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (e.g. private property). Further, the Right to Life shall be understood to include all people from conception to natural death. We are a nation governed by peo- ple elected to public office that are sent to represent us, the citizens. Our Constitution provides limits to governmental power, explicitly details our fundamental rights and insures that only the enumer- ated powers contained within the Constitution are executed by the federal government. All other functions of government are left to the state and local governments. II. We are a Sovereign Nation. We are a Sovereign Nation with defined borders, governed by a set of laws determined by our representatives, guided by our Constitution and protected by a military strong enough to defend our nation and its interests. III. The Oath of Office of all civil servants, elected and employed, should guide their actions. As citizens, we demand that our elected officials take their office and its duties and responsi- bilities to us, our country and our Constitution seriously and act in accordance with their individual Oaths of Office. IV. Fiscal Responsibility is a fundamental function of any local, state or federal entity. It is a fundamental expectation that government entities act in a financially responsible manner; it follows that limiting the size and scope of government is a necessary component of achieving this end. V. Personal Responsibility is the primary duty of all citizens. We are a nation of individuals held together by a common vi- sion. We are not servants of the government; we are not dependent on the benevolence of society for our survival. Our possibilities are limitless where a free market is allowed to operate without gov- ernment distortion; they should not be limited by our local, state and federal government. We are citizens of our country. We as in- dividuals are responsible for our successes and failures. LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES This section enumerates what we Republicans of Iowa identify as the legislative priorities and stances for our elected representatives.

Life 1. We believe that life begins at conception and must be protected to natural death. We believe all such issues protecting the right to life belong under the constitutional authority of the state, and not the federal government. 2. We oppose using public rev- enues for abortion or funding or- ganizations which advocate it. We commend and support those who provide alternatives to abortion by meeting the needs of mothers and offering adoption services. 3. We oppose the non-consensu- al withholding or withdrawal of care or treatment, including food and water, from people with dis- abilities, including newborns, as well as the elderly and infirmed, just as we oppose active and pas- sive euthanasia, assisted suicide, and misuse of palliative care which hastens end of life. 4. We oppose the use of chemical abortifacients to end human life. 5. We support non-embryonic stem cell research, such as pro- moting the use of adult stem cells, while opposing human cloning and research using fetal tissue from abortions. 6. We believe the selling, gifting, brokering, marketing, or use of aborted fetal or aborted perinatal tissue should be illegal. 7. We support the Protect Life Amendment to the Iowa constitution.

Liberty 1. We call for the repeal of sexual orientation and gender identity as a protected class in the Iowa Civil Rights Code and reject any addi- tional similar legislation to Local, State or National Code. 2. We support the 1st Amend- ment to allow prayer in Public Schools and Public Places. 3. We believe that parents are responsible for their children, and we support the rights of parents to be the ultimate authority for the discipline, protection, medical and mental health decisions, and education of their children. 4. Iowa parents and guardians should have the right to select schools, whether public, private, parochial, or home for their chil- dren, and the funding should fol- low the student. 5. We strongly believe in the constitutionally protected natural right of individuals to keep and bear arms, and we support the re- peal of existing laws that infringe upon those rights. We support the Freedom Amendment (SJR7), plac- ing Second Amendment language in the Iowa Constitution. 6. We support “Conscience Clause” legislation so that no person, business, or organization can be penalized for its exercise of religious freedom by not pro- viding services that violates their religious beliefs. 7. We support legislation that would prohibit any organization, (in example, Planned Parenthood), from entering public school prop- erties for the purpose of promoting promiscuous behavior and abor- tion products, videos, or printed material. 8. We strongly support local control and that education follow traditional focus on reading, writ- ing, math, civics (Iowa and US Constitutions), and sciences, and reject Iowa Core and social indoc- trination of children by any name (Critical Race Theory, Identity- based theories, Social Emotional Learning, or any other form of group victimization). 9. We believe that voting rights should be restored statutorily rather than by Executive determi- nation. 10. We call for gun-free zone liability laws that make organi- zations, educational institutions businesses, and government enti- ties liable for the protection and safety of individuals within that zone. 11. We demand Iowa DNR re- spect the 4th Amendment. They shall have legal probable cause, and/or a search warrant to be on private property. 12. We recognize only two biological sexes, male (XY) and female (XX). Biological sex at birth shall determine one’s participation in or use of restrooms, locker rooms, sport teams or other such accommodations or institutions. 13. We believe that traditional, two parent (one male (XY) and one female (XX)), marriage based families are the foundation to a stable, enduring, and healthy civilization. We encourage the repeal of any laws allowing any marriage that is not between one natural man and one natural woman. 14. We oppose all mandates or coercive activity on the part of any business, educational and medical institutions, employer or governmental entity relative to the administering or inquiry of medical treatments, procedures or individual interventions for individuals or their children. We strongly believe that all medical decisions are an inalienable natu- ral right. 15. We support health care pro- viders’ rights to prescribe or rec- ommend treatment or therapy in accordance with their Hippocratic oath without interference or threat to their medical license. 16. We recognize the rights of parents in the education of their children and to be informed 30 days prior to what is being taught in schools.

Property 1. We support legislation requir- ing all regulations by all govern- ment agencies (e.g. EPA, Dept. of Ag, Dept. of Interior, etc.) relating to private property and the public good receive congressional autho- rization prior to their implementa- tion. 2. We support the right of prop- erty owners to vote on bond issues in any district where they pay property tax whether a resident of the district or not. 3. We support laws prohibiting ownership of United States farm- land, property, or other assets by foreign governments or entities controlled by such. 4. We believe anyone moving into or already living in areas zoned previously for a particu- lar use be prohibited from filing “nuisance lawsuits” which are antagonistic to such zoning if de- fendants are in compliance with all governing laws. 5. All government fees assessed must be passed by the duly elected governmental body. 6. We oppose government using eminent domain to take private property away from the owner for the use of another private party. 7. We support elimination of all state and federal “estate” taxes, but support retaining the stepped-up basis for estates to ensure heirs inherit assets with no additional tax burden. 8. We support holding alterna- tive energy producers to the same land use standards as carbon- based producers, and that when energy production ceases at a site, producers shall return the land to its original condition or as near as possible. We do not support tax subsidies for alternative energy sources. 9. We demand the end of prop- erty tax, and restructuring funding to a sales tax. 10. We oppose the infringement upon private property rights by the Waters of the United States Act or similar rules.

National Sovereignty & Defense 1. We support legal immigration based on the merit System, com- mon sense improvements to our immigration process (including ending chain migration and the lottery visa), strict enforcement of our current immigration laws, no government benefits for illegal aliens (except for emergency medical care), securing of our borders including a wall where needed. Weopposeamnestyforanyillegal alien. 2. We reaffirm our commitment to the State of Israel. 3. Agreements with foreign nations should only be done by treaty and subject to the approval of Congress. 4. We assert that bequeath- ing citizenship to babies born to non-citizens in the United States is a misinterpretation of the 14th amendment. 5. We support appropriation of money to harden the U.S. electrical grid and broadband infrastructure to protect it from being destroyed byeithernaturalornuclearweap- on induced EMP and cyber attacks. 6. We support a free, open choice and efficient healthcare and medi- cation voucher system for veter- ans. 7. We support terminating gov- ernment funding for entities that do not enforce federal immigra- tion laws. 8. Stop the practice of distribut- ingillegalimmigrantsthroughout the USA. 9. We support Employment of Unauthorized Aliens Bill (SF 339), E-Verify, and the I-9 Employment EligibilityVerificationformbeing required for all Iowa employers. 10. We oppose funding for any political, agricultural, financial, scientific, and educational institu- tion which includes members of the Chinese Communist Party. 11. We believe the United States should never sacrifice its sover- eignty or relinquish control of its soil or its citizens to the United Nations or any other international body. We believe our armed forces should only serve the United Government tutional federal agencies including States, our Constitution, and the American flag.

Commerce 1. We oppose government dis- tortionofthefreemarketthrough subsidies, bailouts, and mandates. 2. We believe energy indepen- dence must be the goal of our public policy. 3. We support the elimination of all public sector unions. 4. We oppose all government mandates and efforts associated with alleged man-made global warming or climate change. 5. We support a full, exhaustive, and transparent annual audit of the Federal Reserve. 6. We support the ban of traffic violation cameras. 7. We support review of the cur- renthoursofoperationandElec- tronic Log Device (“ELD”) regula- tions of the trucking industry. 8. We reject any movement toward a government controlled and/or monitored cashless society. 9. We oppose the creation and use of social scoring such as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). 10. We oppose electronic surveil- lance of private financial trans- actions by any government or non-government entity unless a non-FISA warrant is issued. 11. We support withdrawal of taxpayerfundingfortheCorpo- rations for Public Broadcasting, National Public Radio, Inc., Public Broadcasting Service, and print, and all their broadcast and/ or related corporate affiliates, includ- ing, but not limited, to all radio and television broadcast stations owned or controlled by the fore- going. 12. We support the elimination of federal government guaranteed student loans to reduce the cost of higher education.

Governement 1. We support the requirement that legislation should pertain to one topic, not omnibus, and that unrelated amendments to bills should beprohibited.Webelievelegislation should never exempt legislators. 2. We support adequate funding for mental health, including but not limited to facilities and staff. 3. We support the complete repeal of The Patient Protection and Af- fordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) in total, and replacing it with a free market solution. 4. We support lowering taxes and reducing the size, scope and scale of government – toward this end, we advocate limiting federal expenditures to those enumerated powers under the United States Constitution. We also support a systemicandexpeditedreduction of the national debt. 5. We support replacing the cur- rent complex progressive income tax system with either a consump- tion-based tax, or a flat tax. 6. We support English as the of- ficial language for the United States and the state of Iowa. 7. We support an audit of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid toestablishpoliciesthatwouldpro- mote the future viability of benefits to potential recipients. 8. Judges and courts can only ap- ply the law and give opinion, and wesupportlegislationdesignedto enact Tort Reform. We believe in equal application of the law, and oppose increasing the number of Supreme Court Justices. 9. We call for the repeal of the 17th Amendment of the U.S. Con- stitution. 10. We support retaining the Electoral College as defined in the Constitution of the United States. We oppose the National Popular Vote Compact. 11. We support the elimination of the following abusive and unconsti- but not limited to the IRS, EPA, ATF, TSA, BLM, Department of Labor, and the Department of Education. 12. We support drug testing for welfare,foodstampsandMedicaid recipients. 13. We oppose legalizing the rec- reational use of marijuana. 14. We support laws that limit and restrain the Governor’s Authority to act by Executive Action during a medical or other emergency without the guidance or input of the Leg- islative council after being under emergency order for 15 days. No emergency declaration can usurp constitutional rights. 15. Taxpayer dollars should not be used for gender reassignment. 16. We oppose all efforts of schools, libraries, and public places regardingthesexualindoctrination of children including but not limited to the distribution of pornographic and obscene materials, teaching on gender identity and sexual orienta- tion, or promoting sexual devian- cies. 17. We support free, fair, safe and secure elections including allowing only eligible US citizens with a valid photo ID to vote, no tolerance for voterfraudincludingabuseofballot drop boxes and ballot harvesting, no foreign or private interference in US elections, strict guidelines for absentee ballots, and auditable elec- tionrecordsforallraces.Weoppose same-day voter registration. 18. We support elected officials applying the 10th Amendment to limit the overreach of the federal government. 19. We strongly support and believe in full and adequate fund- ing for our military, veterans, law enforcement, and other first re- sponders. 20. IPERS should be required by law to divest from holdings in China or Hong Kong.

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