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Follow the Money - Biggest Contributor for Hinson is the RPI. See Table

This week Representatives Hinson and Miller Meeks voted to repeal DOMA - Defense of Marriage Act that stated marriage is between one man and one woman, to endorse a bill that protects gay marriage. Like me, many of you where awestruck and couldn't believe why or how could they endorse such a bill. We must hold these legislators accountable. They completely voted against the wishes of their conservative constituents and followed after the left wing mentality and against the 2022 Iowa Republican Platform.

The position they took is against all things Biblical, an abomination to God's Word. Their actions supports the wickedness we have seen in local school, libraries across America and unethical displays of sexuality during the Pride month parades.

Hinson and Miller Meeks have shown they do not stand for Christian Biblical Values and must be defeated.


Hinson Contributions
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