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Bold doctors speaking out against the abuses we have seen on the global scale.

Medical Privacy and Medical Freedom must be absolutely protected here in Iowa.

Many doctors, over 17,000 doctors, are speaking out against the abuses we have seen in the last two years.

We have been lied to. Watch the video and share with others.

We are fighting an evil forces when dealing with the World Economics Forum and the Who Health Organization. The CDC, NIH and the FDA all colluded with Big Tech and big Pharma to push an agenda and have a great reset on a global scale.

Go to to watch a video by over 17,000 bold doctors that have studied the science and are now speaking out in unison.

Ask yourself why couldn't the Iowa Legislature could not pass a strong Medical Privacy and Freedom Act. HF 2545. Are folks bought by big Pharma and folks mis-informed by the PROPAGANDA pushed out by the main stream media? We already know that big pharma helped fund the media. Do your research

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